Bedtime ritual for families

Zubettgeh Ritual für Familien


The beauty of it is that all the steps you use at home for your bedtime routine can be turned into rituals. They can develop and change, just as we all grow and change.

Sometimes you can enjoy a long extended bedtime that lasts much longer with each of the rituals. That's the beauty of rhythm and rituals, they are not rigid, but should flow.

Bedtime ritual for families


  • Dim lights
  • Light candles (connected with all senses here )
  • See candle flame (ritual here )
  • cosmaki's exhalation playlist (Spotify list can be found here )
  • Moon milk drink (recipe can be found here )
  • Smell cozy scents (ritual here )
  • Body oil massage for children ( deep connection and deep relaxation for parents and child)
  • Gratitude session with all family members
  • Share happy moments from the day
  • Community games for more connection, such as the lucky bean
  • Cuddle and read aloud

Time to sleep: These simple yet powerful rituals can make our bedtime sacred, beautiful and much more peaceful. They create space for so much magic and connection that goes far beyond these moments and truly imprints itself on our souls.