Evening ritual // Smell

Abendritual // Riechen


The more natural and simple, the better and more effective.

We like natural and want to get as close to nature as possible with our rituals. Most room fragrances, even essential oils, are chemically processed or preserved, transported over long distances and the ingredients are anything but sustainable, let alone harvested locally. Harmony with nature is just as important to us as simply embedding our rituals into everyday life. We pay attention to good quality and select the minerals and dyes in our textiles just as consciously as we select our food.

So why not use ingredients that are already in our kitchen or household - and reuse the leftovers or learn new ways to use some everyday foods.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, melted honey on still warm bread, lemon and rosemary while cooking, mint on the windowsill or freshly sliced ​​apricots - all these scents create a feeling, a mood, an experience that stimulates all the senses.

Scent is something so natural and primitive, deeply anchored in human nature, that we often forget how much smell influences our feelings. We can “smell” something or someone “good” or “smell us”. Scent can beguile us or scare us away.

If our home smells good, we feel safe, if not, no matter how much we clean up and make it aesthetically beautiful and tidy, we won't feel comfortable.

The nose eats with us, often sees before our eyes, and remembers moments and people like no other sense. If love goes through the stomach - security goes through the nose.
One breath of a certain scent is enough to change our mood, mind and our entire body.

A wide variety of scents have been studied and used since time immemorial and have an effect on different brains and parts of the body. Some are stimulating, others calming. So what supports the morning and what supports the evening?

Tip: Lemon helps with both!

In the morning

Lemon - cut open or grate the peel and spread the juice over your hands.
-- Has a stimulating, invigorating, clarifying and antibacterial effect (the simplest, most natural and very effective disinfection of the hands) AND is a real mood enhancer thanks to the stimulated production of the happiness hormone serotonin.

Fresh mint - rub between your hands and smell, or use your nose to smell the leaves for a few breaths.
-- Has a stimulating, activating and stimulating effect. It helps against symptoms of fatigue and listlessness.

At evening

Lemon - Sprinkle lemon peel or sliced ​​lemon with a little salt and place next to the bed or simply take a few breaths.
-- Calms our nerves . And that can help our sleep quality increase. The fresh lemon scent lifts our mood and ensures that we fall asleep comfortably.

Lavender - Rub lavender flowers between your hands and breathe in the scent deeply. The flowers can then be used for moon milk .
-- Lavender has a calming effect, promotes sleep and helps to achieve inner peace .

Raw honey (or a few pieces of beeswax) - Light a beeswax candle, smell raw honey, or place a piece of beeswax next to the bed and “sniff” it before bed.
-- Honeycomb is balm for the soul. The scent of honey envelops us, soothes irritated nerves, gives warmth and security , so that you can feel protected and wrapped up, you can shake off the day and sink into sleep with delicious dreams.

This cuddly scent is also wonderful for children!