Naturally dyed bath mats

Are you looking for a bath mat that loves your feet and respects the planet?

🌿 Naturally dyed

Using natural colors from local food waste, circular economy and upcycling.

♻️ Low waste principle:

Using discarded hotel textiles and deadstock clothing to reduce environmental impact.

💚 Community

Promoting local collaboration and creating a sustainable community around the Cosmaki brand.

Our partners

Discover sustainable fashion and home decor with Cosmaki

At Cosmaki you will find the perfect combination of environmentally conscious manufacturing and contemporary design. Our selection of sustainable home textiles and eco-friendly clothing is just right for you if you value style and environmental protection. By using deadstock and run-off materials, we contribute to reducing textile waste and offer you products that are convincing in everyday life and visually impressive.

Stain Dye – Our innovative and natural dyeing technology

Our stain dye process uses natural dyes to create vibrant and harmonious colors. This environmentally friendly method is perfect for you and your family because it avoids harmful chemicals. With Stain Dye, discover colors that are not only beautiful but also safe to use.

Experience the aesthetics of wabi-sabi with natural colors

At Cosmaki we value the beauty that comes with time. Natural colors can fade gently, allowing each piece to develop its unique patina. This natural change is an essential part of Wabi-Sabi, an important principle of Mindful Living that we live by at Cosmaki. Our products are not only environmentally friendly, but also gain in beauty and character as they age naturally.

Your partner for environmentally friendly fashion and home textiles

At Cosmaki, sustainability, functionality and design are in harmony. Our sustainable home textiles and clothing not only offer environmentally conscious solutions, but are also an expression of a conscious lifestyle. Discover how Cosmaki is redefining fashion and home decor by combining environmental stewardship with the beauty of wabi-sabi.

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