Evening ritual // See

Abendritual // Sehen

SEEING - orientation (loosening and relaxing the primary sense for visual information intake)

Candle = back to instinctive nature and the human connection to light as - security, calm and warmth. The original image of “sitting by the fire” is deeply woven into our genetics and signals to the body through our eyes depending on whether we need to be alert or should rest and relax. Bright sunlight has a cold color spectrum (blue) and has an activating effect on the muscles, brain and nervous system (which is why we have energy and are awake during the day).

Fire or candlelight has a warmer color spectrum that is closer to sunset (reddish). Today's light bulbs and all other light sources are no longer gas-powered, but halogen or electric, which acts on the body like sunlight and goes against the circadian rhythm (day/night). If we look at dim lights, candles or actual fire in the evening instead of electric lights and computer/cell phone screens, it helps the survival mode (sympathetic nervous system).

Dim lights or replace them with candles.
Consciously sit in front of the candlelight and look at the flame.