Evening ritual // Breath & touch

Abendritual // Atem & Berühren
BREATHING & TOUCH - Somatic connection and serenity/regulation of the nervous system and bringing breath and mind home into the body “Breathing to return home”

Working with touch and breathing have always been powerful methods to relax the body, calm the nerves and regenerate the body and mind. As simple as a touch or a deep sigh are, they are as effective.
This little exercise gives us the opportunity to connect with ourselves, listen to the heart and feel safe.

1. Bring your hands crossed under the armpit of the other arm so that the arms are crossed in front of the chest and the hands are held by the armpits. The thumbs stick out next to the chest. Close your eyes.
2. Raise your elbows slightly as you inhale.
3. As you exhale, let your arms and chin drop.
4. Hold your breath while holding yourself. Listen to your heart and count up to three heartbeats.
5. Lift your chin and elbows again and breathe in.
6. Repeat for 5-10 rounds.
7. After the last exhalation, hold the void until the impulse to breathe comes again and then return to the normal breathing rhythm.