Ecological Footprint

Ökologischer Fußabdruck

For our first Artisanal collection ("Bravo Avocado") we are very proud of our partnerships with Colonia Laundry & Los Carnales . Without these partners, we would not be able to guarantee the low ecological footprint of our products. We are very pleased that with the Artisanal collection we only process waste and can count on the support of great, like-minded partners. At this point a big thank you!

Colonia Laundry

When we emailed the laundry company at the beginning of the year, they were immediately impressed by our idea and were very helpful. At this point there was nothing more than a vague idea of ​​the project.
On site we were very surprised at how many textiles that are still perfectly fine often have to be thrown away.
We tried a lot with the first textiles until we were satisfied with the dyeing results. Since then, we have arranged regular visits to collect textiles and are happy that the textiles remain in the product cycle.

Los Carnales

Los Carnales is a Mexican taquería on the Rhine in Cologne. Of course, they use some avocados in their guacamole, as we know as passionate lovers of Mexican cuisine. We went to the restaurant and asked if you could imagine storing the seeds. After a brief explanation of what we wanted to do with it, those responsible, such as the Colonia laundry, were immediately open to our project. Here too, we now visit Los Carnales regularly and take the discarded avocado pits with us.

Keep an eye out!
That's just the beginning! Further partnerships with Cologne restaurateurs will follow and more exciting colors will emerge. We are already in the testing phase.

If you would like to cooperate, send us an email to: