Evening ritual // Listening

Abendritual // Hören

LISTENING - changes the mood through vibration and gives it a healing/sacred character that goes under the skin to the heart.
Spotify “ cosmaki ” playlist.

Music and sound are nothing other than vibration and electrical frequencies that we as humans absorb into the body through sound waves and vibrations not only through our ears but also through our skin and the electromagnetic field of our organs (especially the heart). Each frequency level affects a different part of the body and brain: certain sounds put us in a good mood and others make us melancholic. The pauses, rhythms and melodies also have different effects on our nervous system, which means that fast rhythms give us energy or literally make us excited, whereas slow rhythms, similar to the heartbeat, tend to calm us down. Sound can heal us, but it can also upset us mentally and emotionally, which is why the right music can become a kind of sound space, inspiration space or protective space.

The "Exhale Playlist" uses both melodies, rhythms and frequencies that calm the nervous system, slow the heartbeat and create a soothing calm. The perfect introduction to the night and a good night's sleep.


Turn on the “ Exhale ” playlist