Rituals: ceremonies of everyday life

Rituals create and weave together special moments in our lives that become healing memories and give us meaning and connection. You can set anchor points that support us when we need them.

Rituals create connection . By being together, they strengthen the feeling of emotional and spiritual connection. Rituals create connection with ourselves and a sense of community within a family/group.

As a bridge between transitional times such as day and night, childhood and adulthood, and the seasons, rituals can hold us, orient us and create order through regularity. They provide meaning and help us to structure ourselves mentally and to understand and feel as part of something larger. And if we create our own rituals, personalize them seasonally and emotionally and experiment with small impulses, thoughts or moments, we can play with life.

Family rituals at cosmaki

Our cosmaki rituals help you feel balanced, connected and at home at all times.

A morning unfolding, breathing in and inviting the day. The morning gives us a feeling of childlike curiosity, rested and motivated for the day. And if we use the evening to consciously breathe out the experiences, let go and arrive home in security and bed down, sleep brings us the sweetest dreams.

We believe that sleep can be healing with the right daily rituals .
This is how the time in your beds becomes - holy, comfortable and regenerative. Rested zest for life: homely & conscious, right with the first light of the morning.

In the morning

Unfold - become conscious. Clear the mind. Discover life. Connection with yourself, your fellow human beings and the “cosmos”

At evening

Embedding - in family, social context, time of day and season - arriving home. Evening rituals here

Connected with all senses

We experience and live through the senses. By combining all of our senses , we orient ourselves, discover, communicate and identify ourselves in the world. Alive means sensual. Because if one of the senses is not stimulated or satisfied, our perception and therefore every moment is unbalanced.

In Indian and Chinese medicine, the senses have been assigned to both elements and organs in the body since ancient times. When one of the senses is impaired, it indicates a deeper imbalance in the body or mind - which irritates the entire system.

Each of our senses is important in order to live holistically and pleasurably.

We believe that if we live with all our senses during the day, our sleep will be harmonious and content. But if something is not sensually satisfied, sleep reflects it. So we make sure to stimulate and gently calm all the senses before going to bed so that we can go to sleep satisfied and relaxed.

Our approach

Scientific/logical - what we understand and learn.
Spiritual/Cosmic - what connects us and what we share.
Playful - personal experimentation and individual testing.