Dye Service - Clothing
Dye Service - Clothing
Dye Service - Clothing
Dye Service - Clothing
Dye Service - Clothing
Dye Service - Clothing
Dye Service - Clothing
Dye Service - Clothing

Dye Service - Clothing

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Simply have your cosmaki and other textiles re-dyed and extend the life of your favorite products!

Our dyeing service is intended for clothing. A dyeing service is ideal for an item that has stains or you simply want a new look. Ideally, your textiles must be made from natural fibers.

We can only dye light textiles, such as white, cream or pastel colors. If your textile is made of a dark color, unfortunately we cannot accept it.


  • Up to 1kg
  • Bright colors
  • Only natural materials
  • Select color


Re-dyeing textiles offers a number of benefits, both for the individual and for the environment. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Environmental protection :

    • Conservation of resources : Instead of constantly buying new items of clothing, existing items of clothing can be refreshed by re-dyeing them. This reduces the need for resources to produce new textiles.
    • Waste reduction : Re-dyeing can extend the life of textiles, meaning fewer textiles end up in landfills.
  2. Cost Savings : Instead of buying a new garment because the color has faded or because you want a color change, you can simply re-dye the existing garment. This is often more cost-effective.

  3. Individuality : Re-dyeing allows you to personalize clothing and create unique color combinations or patterns that are not available commercially.

  4. Care and Preservation : Sometimes stains or discoloration can be hidden or softened by re-dyeing, giving a garment a new lease of life.

  5. Fashion and trends : Re-dyeing allows you to adapt older clothing to current fashion trends without having to buy new clothing.

  6. Emotional connection : There are often items of clothing that have a special emotional meaning. If such pieces fade or become discolored, re-dyeing can help preserve them for continued wear.

  7. Sustainability : In general, textile re-dyeing promotes a more sustainable lifestyle as it reduces consumption and extends the useful life of products.

In summary, re-dyeing textiles can offer both ecological and economic benefits and help reduce consumption and promote a more conscious use of clothing.