A table with a view: Cosmaki decorates the three-course pop-up in the Greatlive store

Ein Tisch mit Aussicht: Cosmaki schmückt das Dreigang Pop-Up im Greatlive Store

From May 29th to June 2nd, the three-course pop-up restaurant will take place in the Greatlive store, which will be complemented by the creative textile creations of Cosmaki. Those who have secured a seat can look forward to a perfect symbiosis of the finest food and a touch of Cosmaki's creative textile flair.

At Cosmaki, we give old hotel textiles a second chance and immerse them in the deep, vibrant tones of logwood bark. Our tablecloths are eye-catchers and, with their story of sustainability and style, also contribute something positive to the conversation at the table.

In addition to delicious food and excellent wines, guests can also enjoy a small, fine installation that provides an insight into the world of Cosmaki – every fiber tells a story of creativity and change.

If you are planning a unique event like Dreigang did, please visit our website and write to us for a personal offer.
We look forward to getting creative with you and making your event an unforgettable experience!