Re-dyeing service - Avocado
Re-dyeing service - Avocado
Re-dyeing service - Avocado
Re-dyeing service - Avocado
Re-dyeing service - Avocado
Re-dyeing service - Avocado
Re-dyeing service - Avocado
Re-dyeing service - Avocado

Re-dyeing service - Avocado

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Give your clothes a new life with our natural avocado pit dye bath that can create tones from peach to pink . From hoodies to t-shirts, you can renew and reuse everything in a natural and sustainable way. Our dye bath uses the natural pigments of avocado pits to give your clothes soft, earthy tones.

NOTE: Only suitable for natural fibers. This includes cotton, hemp, silk, bamboo, linen and Tencel. We do not currently process wool.

How does it work?

Put the type of clothing you want to dye in your shopping cart and complete your purchase. If you cannot find an item in the list or it is a larger order, please send us an email ( If you want to dye a larger batch, we charge by weight ( per kilogram = 65€ ).
Send us your clothes along with your name, address and order number. Tracking is recommended but not required.
Once received, we begin the dyeing process, which can take up to three weeks.
Once your garments are dyed and finished, we'll send them back to you so you can use them again!

Where should you send it?

Simon Hariman
Emil-Hoffmann-Str. 35
50996 Cologne

Care instructions:

Please use a pH neutral detergent for your items and wash them on a gentle cycle. If possible, hand washing is better. Please be sure to avoid acids such as soda and white wine as these can bleach the color. Natural dyes can fade with excessive exposure to sunlight.


Re-dyeing textiles offers a number of benefits, both for the individual and for the environment. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Environmental Protection :

    • Conservation of resources : Instead of constantly buying new items of clothing, existing items of clothing can be refreshed by re-dyeing. This reduces the need for resources to produce new textiles.
    • Waste reduction : Re-dyeing can extend the life of textiles, meaning fewer textiles end up in landfills.
  2. Cost savings : Instead of buying a new garment because the color has faded or because you want a color change, you can simply re-dye the existing garment. This is often more cost-effective.

  3. Individuality : Re-dyeing allows you to personalize clothes and create unique color combinations or patterns that are not commercially available.

  4. Care and maintenance : Sometimes stains or discolorations can be covered or reduced by re-dyeing, giving a garment a new life.

  5. Fashion and trends : Re-dyeing allows you to adapt older garments to current fashion trends without having to buy new clothes.

  6. Emotional attachment : Often there are items of clothing that have a special emotional meaning. When such pieces fade or discolor, re-dyeing can help preserve them and allow them to continue to be worn.

  7. Sustainability : In general, re-dyeing textiles promotes a more sustainable lifestyle as it reduces consumption and extends the useful life of products.

In summary, re-dyeing textiles can offer both ecological and economic benefits and help reduce consumption and promote a more conscious use of clothing.